The Pride
of Phuket

Paradise Phuket

Follow the hints of Phuket
gardenia through to the sea turtles

Proud Phuket is a luxury boutique hotel located at the peaceful and tranquil Naiyang on the northwestern coast of the island. Its design is typical of traditional Phuket architecture but with an imaginative modern twist.

Phuket’s culture and nature are highlighted subtly throughout the hotel, from hints of the Gardenia flower through to the turtles known to hatch on our magnificent Andaman coast.

Discover the true pride of Phuket and enjoy an authentic experience only to be found at Proud Phuket.

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There is a story behind “Proud Phuket”, and it is that of the childhoods of three children who have been taught to love and sustain the nature and culture of their homeland and to love and care for one another, to be modest and sufficient with what they have and to share with each other.

Their love for nature includes Phuket’s pristine white sand beaches and the crystal clear, turquoise blue waters of the Andaman Sea, the trees that provide shade and are the natural colour of life.

And the Phuket Gardenia flower with its yellowish-white colour in the morning and golden yellow colour in the evening, and which emits an unforgettable, refreshing light scent more natural than any perfume. The soft feel of this plant’s branches, flowers and leaves are a true representation of the delicate combination of humanity and nature.

Where Luxury blend with Architecture Design

Where Luxury blend with
Architecture Design

A good swing makes you fearless and the older you get, the more fears and doubts you collect in your back pockets.

Everyone should have memories of their childhoods. Yours may be similar or different to these children’s, but at “Proud Phuket” you can turn back time and be reminded of your happiest childhood memories and relive those memories as though you are in a dream.

“Proud Phuket” wishes to share the children’s fondest memories with you all, and it is with sincere hearts that we promise you will be loved, cared for and cherished just as you were one of them.

Ang Ku Tea House

Ang Ku Tea house

Names after Phuket’s traditional celebration cakes Meet friends and watch the world go by whilst savoring our exquisite selection of blend teas, coffees, pastries, organic salad, light snack, raw juices, local delicacies and more.

Nyonya Spa

Nyonya Spa

Inspired by colonial Phuketian architecture, the serene Nyonya Spa is ideal for those seeking the ultimate in relaxing escapes.

Yai Yai Kitchen

Yai Yai Kitchen

Yai means grandmother in Thai and our kitchen has been inspired by our grandmother’s and her love of Phuket.


Naiyang Beach

Naiyang Beach

Naiyang Beach

Proud Phuket is set amidst the unspoiled natural beauty of Nai Yang, where you will find much to inspire you - the beach, the national park, a Buddhist temple, the local markets andan unspoiled local village - all within walking distance.

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